Sushi and a movie

I had an incredible time tonight filled with great food and lots of laughter. About 20 of us from the 40+ meetup went for sushi and a movie. It was just such an awesome time.  The food was great and the movie was hilarious (The Delivery Man). The sushi place had an aquarium with beautiful fish, too bad the iphone camera wasn’t able to capture that.

I was really hungry this morning, but remembered that hunger is not an emergency and I did not needed a protein shake at the gym. Otherwise I got my DEXA scan scheduled for next week.

20140218-214517.jpg 20140218-214524.jpg 20140218-214532.jpg 20140218-214601.jpg

B: Frittata, mini burger and fresh mango
L: Pork tenderloin with apple and cranberry and mashed potato
D: Gluten Free (but not grain-free) sushi. The eel was by far my favorite.




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