Jawbone #3

Just got off the phone with Georgie. Got to love that gal! The plan is to do 4 to 8 weeks coaching with Vanessa from the Primal Blueprint (aka marksdailyapple – Mark Sisson) to figure out how paleo will work best for me and then return to Georgie to continuing tweaking the lifestyle changes and support. I will be starting to work with Vanessa next week.

I got my second Jawbone replacement and are on my way of happlily tracking again. I am glad I did not switch over to the Fitbit band. Since there is some exposed metal, it has the risk of infection or at least blisters. A problem I already had with the bodymedia tracker a couple years back.


I got the first eggs for this year from my co-worker again, though no duck eggs yet. The chickens had stopped laying eggs in November.

While the sushi was great yesterday, I was already hungry again when I got home. So it did not last too long. #notaperfectfood

I am starting to phase out the milk. My shakes will be made with coconut or just plain water and I will use cream in my coffee.

This morning I had a great trainer workout again. Less then 30 minutes but very effective. I really like short workouts.

Food was ok. I made some chia pudding (coconut milk, chia seeds and mashed banana) to try a quick recipe, was good but I dont really want to waste calories on it. And the dinner shake is back. Its just so much easier and I get all my supplements in, as I throw in my fishoil, vita D and probiotic.

20140219-204343.jpg 20140219-204353.jpg 20140219-204400.jpg 20140219-204408.jpg

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