A Turkey share

I just love IF! I usually dont get hungry until about 3pm, and then its just 3 more hours til dinner. Started out with real food (beef roast and Brussels spouts) to break the fast but then still needed some protein ice cream.

20140220-195701.jpg 20140220-195710.jpg

Planned some new meals for next week and cant wait for the “Sushi with a twist” found at marksdailyapple. Also thinking of doing something fermented.

sushiingredients beefsushi

I may get a turkey or two from my co-worker from whom I get the chicken and duck eggs. His wife is experimenting with raising turkeys. My co-worker was telling me about his wife’s concern she had heard that some turkeys are getting too big and then break their legs. Really? Nature isnt usually that flawed. Then it dawned on me if they get fed corn or soy to fatten them up fast, sure that will happen. That’s what they do with chickens all the time. Conventional chickens get to maturity in 1/2 the time, and by the time they get slaughtered, they cant walk anyways because they weigh more then their little feet can bear. She is going to feed them organic, no soy, no corn.

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