Yesterdays food. The shake was a little too green and gritty and kinda not so enjoyable, I mean gross. I did not have a banana which would have added sweetness and thickness to the mix. I guess I washed it down with some fake lemon pudding, a treat I often had before starting LE. Once in a blue moon I still feel like I need that, but are then utterly disappointed by the taste.

20140222-161006.jpg 20140222-161017.jpg 20140222-161024.jpg 20140222-161031.jpg

Menu for the week is spaghetti squash omelet (3) and buttery eggs + leeks (3) for breakfasts and cod with Belgian endive salad (4) and “sushi” (2) for lunches. Dinners are shakes as usual as I like the time savings and Thursday is IF.


I made some mayo and pickled some cucumbers, will see how the cucumbers turn out. I needed some mayo for some egg salad I wanted to make for tomorrows Paleo potluck. And the mayo in the stores either had some crappy oils or other non-desirable ingredients. So why not make it myself. I love how it all of a sudden turns from liquid into this nice mayo.

20140222-161059.jpg 20140222-161116.jpg

20140222-161123.jpg 20140222-161131.jpg

Got my camera gear ready for tomorrows strobe lights class. The guy who is doing the class is one of the top fashion photographers in the area. I just checked out some of the other participants  and OMG look at this. Pictures like that make my heart skip a beat. I need to get out with my real camera and find some cool stuff. I havent been over to the lakefront in a couple of months.

I think I am dropping another couple of pounds I can feel it, but the scale still says 208. I can see size 12 in my near future. Stuff is getting looser. Quite a few folks commented last week on my progress. I still have to pinch myself once in a while that 60 pounds are gone.

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