Shooting in RAW

What an awesome day! The photo class was fantastic and the Paleo meetup (which I missed the potluck part) contained some great info too. I did not have much time to eat during the day and it wasn’t really a problem. Breakfast (omelet with smoked salmon, pea shoots and tomatoes) was around 7am and then dinner was around 7pm. Had my own sampler of the snacks I took to the Paleo potluck, but since I was too late I took them back home. The photo class ran over and I had to drive across town to get to my destination, making me about 1 hour 15 minutes late for the potluck.

20140223-202826.jpg 20140223-202843.jpg 20140223-202850.jpg

Gosh when you start exploring the world of photography you realize how much you dont know. And they convinced me to shoot RAW again so I can tweak the pics better. Working in Manual and Aperture mode was fun but made me realize how little I know about my camera. I was out of my comfort zone, but pushing my limits is a great way to learn. And did you know you can get Photoshop as cloud solution for only $10 per month?

 class1       class3

class4  class2

Here are some different light settings, while we were experimenting with strobe lights and natural light.

class5 class6

Here we were improvising with foods. The first picture only includes a strobe light and leaves long shadows and the second one we used a styrofoam board to reflect the light back and tissue paper in front of the strobe to soften the light.

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