Lunchtime Pictures

At the gym this morning I only had 15 minutes, so I decided to do a speed workout. I did rollouts (love em!) and pulldowns in group one and inverted pullups and pushups in group two. I just felt like it, I think I need to put a better plan together. I have been slacking in that department lately doing only some half-ass workouts.

At lunch time I went out to snap some pictures in a bunch of different settings to practice. Downtown is pretty awesome for that, lots of bridges, high, old and newer buildings. It was a little chilly but beautiful out.  And nothing better then taking a break, getting fresh air and some sun and practicing a skill at the same time. I just pulled up the pictures into Lightroom and are geeking out on the data. I compare the settings of the pictures I took  and see what would have been the best setting for the given picture.


Oops I had somewhat of a chocolate incident today, not quite sure why. Maybe a case of mindless eating. I just need to make some sweet potato protein bars and put them in the freezer at work for those moments to avoid that kinda crap in the future. Otherwise my breakfast was at 9am, lunch (I almost forgot) at 2:30pm, chocolate at 5pm and dinner at 7pm.

20140224-191712.jpg 20140224-191722.jpg 20140224-191739.jpg 20140224-191729.jpg

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