Less exercise is more

I just deleted  20 brand new pictures from my camera before saving them to the computer. I had taken them earlier today and was dying to check them out as there were some cool ones in the mix. Oh well, at least I can redo those. My daily mission is just to practice and get some fresh air anyways.

Today I had a call with Vanessa (the Primal Blueprint Nutritional coach) and she mostly gathered data from me and maybe is getting back to me before the weekend  with a plan. Looks like I will be doing less exercising (which I dont mind) she just mentioned that with too much exercise the  body really doesnt get the chance to repair itself aka fixing hormonal imbalances, leaky gut, etc. Hmm quite interesting. I will just go with the flow and see how things develop.

I cant believe it. I am sick again, now its a cold or something. Its the second time this year. So my co-workers who dont exercise and dont eat healty are ok. But I, eating healthy, exercising and getting fresh air, get sick. Something is wrong with this picture.

20140225-205854.jpg 20140225-205909.jpg 20140225-205917.jpg

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