My Dexa Results

No formal exercise today, but I did lots of walking today. Got my DEXA done at the university. I was really disappointed at first, that I “only” had lost about 10% body fat in 13 months with a total loss of 50 pounds of fat. I wanted so badly be in the 3x%, but then I realized it doesn’t matter. Its just my journey, and it will take as long its needed. And from my calculations it looks like I have 70 more pounds to go to be at a 20% body fat aka 140 pounds. But hey I am in the 139 percentile for bone density.

While driving up to the university I took the scenic route along Lake Michigan and it was so incredibly beautiful. I really need to hang around there more often with my camera. So pretty!

Got some cool stuff from the Athleta store, but gosh its pretty pricey. The pants are super comfy and you cant tell that they are workout pants.

I only had dinner today. I fasted during the day and felt awesome all day, no hunger.

I am just rearranging the meal plan for the week and are getting the shopping list ready.

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