Sushi Rolls with a twist

I wanted to go night skiing with a bunch of friends tonight but its 11 degrees and snowing again. Driving conditions could get worse tonight. Dang that winter is messing up all the fun. I wonder if we will ever get out of the deep freeze. Oh I am so waiting for spring. I take any temperature above 40 degrees. I haven’t been snowboarding once this year. So today’s exercise activity was and is for another round? Snow shoveling.

I did record my foods today and came in at 1600 kcals, not bad but the pineapple chunks I put in my shake tonight busted my carbs. They got to go, too sweet.

It was fun make those “sushi rolls”. The dry nori sheets are kinda fishy, but after a little while when the sheet soften up its not too bad.

M1: BPC, Spaghetti squash omelet with cucumbers and onions
M2: BPC, Sushi Rolls with a twist and pea shoots
M3: Protein Shake

Next week is lab time. I had purchased the test a couple of weeks back, but wanted to time the hormone thing.

Here is a great tidbit from FB: “If you think wellness is expensive, then try illness.”

One thought on “Sushi Rolls with a twist

  1. Glad things are going well and you keep moving ahead. I love hearing that you’re full of energy and feel great! Hooray!

    Let me know how the plan is when you get it from Vanessa, I’m curious! 🙂 Keep up the awesome healthy meals.
    Hugs xx

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