The feeding window

I think I will switch things up again. I like simplicity. My plan is to make the same meals for Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then another round of meals for Friday and Saturday. IF is Mondays and Thursdays. That way I only plan for 4 different meals for the week, since my dinners are shakes as usual. Need to figure out if I can get some of the highest quality stuff somewhere cheaper. Just had a coffee and are trying to wait for breakfast until 10am, in order to make that feeding window shorter and maximize the rest and rebuild time for the body. Its a no-brainer at work since I dont get into work until 9am anyways, but weekends at home means changing my routine a little.

Yesterdays meals: I like the omelet with the spaghetti squash hidden in it, it does make it kinda fluffyish. Oh, and how I loved that fish with the nut and salami crust.

20140301-085110.jpg 20140301-085117.jpg 20140301-085123.jpg

Yesterday was a big party at work. I did not participate and are glad I didn’t. It really did not have any appeal, as I was able to ask myself how I would feel after eating that. I would feel like shit today and would have to fight some bad carb cravings.  I want to feel skinny and sexy, I think I might even have the energy again to starting a new side business or bring some skills up to date for some new opportunities. Got to keep that mind sharp.

Last nights shopping trip. I still had a whole bunch of veggies left from the previous week that need to be processed. But I have to say eating “clean” (I know it means different things to different people) feels really awesome, with having tons of energy and great clarity and focus. I think my body really likes that.  And I am never tired during the day. Most of the time I dont even want to go to bed at 10pm.


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