Digging out the grill

I now realize that your nutritional age plays a big part in it. The best thing really is to evolve slowly to a “better for you” diet. I started last year during LE with going gluten free, and then to grain free since it just did not make me feel good. I really wanted to like oatmeal, since its easy and cheap, but it just didn’t feel right. And now the drop in legumes. Since I really dislike beans, I did not lose out on too much. Now its just really cool to see and experience the effects on the body. I do need to do a better job in journal on paper. The higher fat content makes it easier to stay hungry for a little while. It isn’t the obnoxious feeling of needing to eat, or being about to bite somebodies head off any longer. Maybe a difference in the blood sugar spike with carbs vs fat. I think I want to do some glucose testing to find out.

I am looking forward to spring and summer to grill out often. It makes everything so much easier and tasty. I prepared the stuffed tomatoes for breakfast and grilled the steak and soaked the seaweed for the lunches Tuesday/Wednesday. I will be on call this coming week and who knows how busy its going to be.

20140302-202006.jpg 20140302-202112.jpg

20140302-202027.jpg 20140302-202046.jpg

20140302-202013.jpg 20140302-202057.jpg

I had to geek out a little and gathered up some nutrition stats from today and back some time. Pretty cool. I always thought that plenty of fiber is responsible for proper elimination (sorry!), but it seems that fat will do a great job too. In addition it may also transport the toxins out of the body. By all means I am just temporarily checking my calories but there are some interesting finds in there. While 1500 calories on a high carb diet was a serious struggle for me, 1500 calories on a low carb / higher fat diet is pretty darn cool. It eliminates cravings for the most part and makes short hunger periods more tolerable.


Today’s foods:

20140302-201930.jpg 20140302-201937.jpg 20140302-201947.jpg

The Spaghetti squash omelet is so good freshly made. I added some jalapeno to it and it gave it a nice little kick. I wasn’t in the mood for the nori sheets to make the sushi rolls again. They were just too fishy.  I optimized my dinner shake further. I found out that strawberries have only 14g of carbs per cup while most other berries have almost double that.

I left one of my camera lenses at work, the one I needed to take my “Before” picture.  Duhhh. I may have to take them during the week.

Yesterday, I bought my first pair of (hiking) pants size 12 at REI!  So freaking cool! Yes and it will only get better.

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