I started out with a great little 15 minute kick-ass workout this morning. Doing the Split Squat pass-through I dropped the KB a couple of times. Glad nobody was around.

Had another great fasting day. At dinner I was in the mood for some real food (Wanted some of tomorrows super yummy steak with cucumber seaweed salad) and then certainly my shake. My shake had to let go of some of the good stuff to not rack up too many carbs that I would rather eat in form of veggies. I now put about 12 ice cubs in to get the volume. Though it tastes a little watered down now. But then you cant have it all, its about setting priorities. And right now its BURN IT! Fat that is. The only meal of the day:

Its the race with the time. My computer will turn off at 9pm so I better hurry.

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