Plenty of sleep to resist temptation

I slept 8 solid hours. It was good that I had an hour before bed w/o electronics.  I even wore my super duper orange glasses (the $8 safety glasses).  It sure worked.

20140304-184116.jpg safetyglasses

I just got next weeks meal planner and it calls for leftovers. What leftovers? I dont have any. While the recipes are great, the meal planner does not fit my lifestyle. And I just dont like to graze my fridge for leftovers. I am just a planner and want to have great meals I look forward to, not some random leftovers.


There were a lot of bagels and other goodies around the office today. Thank goodness I was able to resist those temptations pretty easily, but in the afternoon I got a craving for something. And I did not have any backup, but fortunately one of my co-workers had some wasabi almonds for me. I really need to plan for an emergency. I was a lot hungrier today. My guess is a direct result from yesterdays IF and a high stress level at work.

Today’s meals: They were good, but I was missing some carbs.

20140304-182107.jpg 20140304-182135.jpg 20140304-182154.jpg

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