Today was my coaching call and we decided no more 24 hour IF’s for a while. As the body is trying to get used to too many changes. Mondays IF seriously threw me for a loop. Current goal just the daily 16-hour fasts, which means I have my meals between 11am and 7pm to get some balance back. She is pretty happy with my progress and so am I. But she spotted those¬†ghirardelli chocolate chips that I have been putting on my shakes at night for ages. And out they go.

Yesterday I told a co-worker that I need to schedule a task to shutdown my laptop at 9pm, but I would like a notification beforehand so that I could at least save my current work and have time to close some programs, because I just could not trust myself in that regard. Today he emailed me the code. Otherwise there is always one more thing that needs to be done.

I had another good nights rest again of over 7 hours, with no waking up in the middle. I dont go to bed until 10 but for that last hour I usually clean up the house and/or read til 10pm and then its lights off.

20140305-203209.jpg 20140305-203216.jpg 20140305-203222.jpg 20140305-203229.jpg

Had a taco salad from the vending area, since I was starving again.

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