It was a very high stress week, so I dipped a little too much into the macadamia nuts yesterday. But then there also wasn’t much else to eat in my fridge or work stash. I will be evaluating some snack options, something like pickles and some roast beef. But the steady 7 hours of sleep did help a lot to fend of most of it.

I love my exercises, only 3 sthrengh sessions per week but at max level. This week I did not have any time for lunch time walks. For next week I should be able to add a daily 20 minute walk around lunch again in addition to maybe some swimming on one of the mornings. But I really want to get my bike out for a ride.

I want to get some more veggies back into my diet, though that means taking the fat down sighltly.

I went to check out on of the areas largest grocery stores. In the past I coupld easily spend two hours in there just looking around. In addition to having a huge store footprint, they also have a humungous  selection on everything, and are suppose to have the best prices. Where most stores only carry 3 to 5 brands this one carries often at least 10 different ones. I made it in one hour, but I also only went through the meat, dairy, frozen fruits, health foods areas. Ok, one hour and 200 bucks later, verdict: not worth it! This store is actually more expensive in most health food items then my local co-op.

My weekly shopping trip to my local food co-op:


Some food finds from Woodmans:


I also checked into my previous CSA, well its not really a CSA in the true sense, as they actually use a wide range of farmers in the area that they buy the produce, dairy, meats, and other goodies from. It was started for the organic sustainable restaurants in the area and has added the local home delivery a few years back. My delivery day would be Wednesdays. And I can be sure I dont get bananas or oranges. They just dont grow in the Midwest. Not sure how some of those CSA’s make that happening, I am sure they buy those things, but then what else do they buy to please the customer? I truely want locally sustainable. Organic would be a stretch since most farmers cant afford to pay for that sticker. The CSA would force me to go from a pick some recipes driven to a produce (in season) driven meal planning.

Going food shopping on an empty stomach could spell disaster. I left the house w/o eating bf or having some coffee around 7am. I thought I will be back around 10am and then it would be perfect for my breakfast. Boy, was I wrong. I had one of those visits of the past, ended up eating a doughnut in the car around 8:30am, since I had a bunch more errands to run. Then again the lack of planning and no backup snack made that a likely event. 310 calories spend on a crappy doughnut, ugggghhhhh.

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