I was able to sleep from 8:30 to 11:00pm last night, since that time before midnight is so important. And then I got another 4 hours from 2 til 6 aka 7 (thanks to that dumb DST). And I had to check our ERP systems this morning, so no sleeping in.

Today was one of our paleo potlucks again. I did not have time to cook anything. I just took some smoked salmon on cucumber rounds garnished with fresh dill and cracked pepper.


Look what I picked up, my “new to me” bike. I think it needs a little tuneup and then I can take it to work, or better it can take me to work.


Food was good today. I always forget to take pics of the foods everyone brings and of my plate. People are very creative. I had some veggies, a little crock-pot chicken, some salmon and a couple of strawberries. Maybe a little low on protein but still very tasty and within my guidelines.

20140309-202938.jpg 20140309-203000.jpg

I did lots of cooking in a short amount of time including the dishes tonight. I need to be in bed by 9pm since I have to get up at 4am to do some work again. But then I will be off the hook for another 4 weeks. All in all a very efficient and productive weekend, where I actually never ran out of steam.

Scotch Eggs (breakfast)

20140309-203011.jpg 20140309-203033.jpg 20140309-203040.jpg


Cabbage with Chorizo Sausage (lunch)

20140309-203017.jpg 20140309-203052.jpg

Rutabaga, zucchini and chicken (breakfast)

20140309-203025.jpg 20140309-203100.jpg
And one other meal will be cooking overnight, the crockpot pork loin.

Got to go. There is to another exciting week.

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