Last night I got a great amount of sleep. It sure is amazing how great this sleep hack (orange safety glasses and electronics off 1 hour before bed) really works for me. I now have just one dilema, most of my books are now on my ipad (Kindle app).

20140311-193641.jpg 20140311-191819.jpg 

Before (less of  * the deep sleep, * sleep before midnight and * total amount of sleep) and Now all those markers have improved.

20140311-193649.jpg 20140311-193654.jpg

With the exception of Sunday and Monday this week (which were work-related night time work) I hit my sleep goal every single night.

Today’s foods:

I have to say I hate the Scotch eggs, not sure why but not a meal for me and I even put hot sauce on it. I rather eat the eggs and sausage separate.  I am done with those and have rutabaga, zucchini and chicken ready for breakfast. I now have my shakes down to about one cup of lower carb frozen berries (strawberries, tart sour cherries, raspberries) coconut milk, protein powder, water and a bunch of ice cubes. My weight is hovering around 207/208 but has no chance to go down eventually.

20140311-191829.jpg 20140311-191839.jpg 20140311-191846.jpg 20140311-191853.jpg


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