I love the days when my body is on the roll. Its 1pm and I am just getting hungry for lunch.

I had a great nights sleep of about 8 hours and 13 minutes, catching up from the night prior lack of sleep of only 6 hours ( and since I had my trainer workout I could not sleep in) due to some stress caused by my tenants fighting with each other about their parking spots. I need to find a smart strategy to make them get along. Cant be that difficult. But recently Vanessa told me that I have 48 hours to “catch up” on the missing sleep.

I totally loved to swim this morning, it just felt so great. I only had 15 minutes since I needed to be in the office by 8:30am for a meeting. It was enough to start the day really happy.

Dropped my new bike off for its yearly checkup and wont be ready until next week. So no riding in to work yet.

Today’s meals:

20140313-200632.jpg 20140313-200643.jpg 20140313-200649.jpg 20140313-200700.jpg

10am: Rutabaga, zucchini, and chicken
1pm: Crock-pot pork with cauliflower
3pm: 9 wasabi almonds and 85% dark chocolate
6pm: Cherry chocolate whey protein shake


I planned my meals for next week and I am looking forward to steaks (2), chicken liver (2) and salmon (3) for lunches. And I realized that yesterdays high sodium intake was caused by the pork entry I had picked in MyPlate. The food search function in MyPlate seems to be pretty bad lately.

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