New Try: Grain-free Coconut Flour Tortillas

I made some tortillas/crepes this morning. And they were pretty nice and very filling. If a recipes usually calls for egg whites, I would refuse to make them since I wont waste the yolks. But I made cat food on Thursday and there I used 8 yolks. So I had some whites left. I usually have no guilt tossing the whites though. But the yolks are precious.  Grain-free Coconut Flour Tortillas

20140316-174748.jpg 20140316-174755.jpg 20140316-174801.jpg 20140316-174808.jpg

OK I successfully procrastinated on getting my taxes together, instead I have reorg’d half the house and I took the outside Christmas lights down, which just recently became unstuck after the ice finally melted in most areas. Got lots of “big size clothing” into to piles, one for Mexico and one for goodwill. So now I still have to do the taxes.

I did online church this morning again since I was still on-call. But next week I really want to get back to my regular church.
Speedo is always great for a reality check. I went quick into Sports Authority and not sure why I still bother to go there but I wanted to see if they have some swim suits. They did, those skimpy racing suits, in the European sizes. They went only up to 40 /XL/US14, none of them fit or looked half way decent. I would have looked like a tied up sausage bursting out of the casing.I am starting to use my CSA again and now have to swap the planning according to what is available. Looks like next week will be pork with cabbage, chicken and creminis, and I have some Kobe beef burgers in the freezer with carrots and celery. Eggs for breakfast and shakes for dinner. I may try ordering this way every other week. Finding new recipes based on the ingredients not based on the pictures. I definitely need to reorg my recipes, maybe even write an app. Hmmmm.
Holy, moly. I saw this today at the pet store. Really? Some fat dogs anyone? How far is too far? I actually went in there to get some cat treats and a toy for my kitties. They actually didn’t have those freeze dried turkey or duck hearts, so I will need to order them on Amazon.
20140316-174849.jpg 20140316-174857.jpg
Today’s meals:
20140316-174738.jpg 20140316-174808.jpg 20140316-174824.jpg 20140316-174838.jpg 20140316-174907.jpg
8am BPC
10am Crepe with Canadian bacon, avocado, cucumber
12pm beef broth
2pm daikon noodles with baked salmon
6pm Raspberry Chocolate Protein Shake

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