I got a chuckle out of this one today, from my PBP coach Vanessa: “I love your ability you get back on track very fast, when I got your email yesterday I thought you went into a 3 day mayham. Half a day is pretty good.” Haha, my email must have sound pretty dramatic. She is very happy with my sleep progress and the quality of foods I am eating.

Today’s bin from my CSA-coop: Very wintery veggies still. It will be at least 4 more weeks to see some fresh greens.


Food was better today. I upped the carbs to avoid a crash again.

20140319-202206.jpg 20140319-202213.jpg 20140319-202220.jpg 20140319-202229.jpg 20140319-202242.jpg

leftover crepes from Sunday with almond butter and banana,
bison, eggs and root veggies,
chicken livers with onion and mashed potatoes,
protein ice cream


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