A new meal planner was needed

I was on the hunt for a new meal planner. Mealboard is ok, but the lack of an online interface makes it cumbersome to assign meals as the list grows. I guess I have outgrown this planner. I checked into PrimalPal, which seemed very appealing at first. But you either have to send them the link for them to enter the recipe or enter it manually, and there are no quick import features. And keeping track for the macro nutrients doesn’t work right either. Assigning the meals wasn’t just drag-and-drop and no notes can be added to the day. And with $10/month a hefty price tag for something that just works ok.

Since starting with the CSA I have to be more flexible but want to show all my foods in the calendar/planner. I revisited a tool from the past, which back then I think I didnt even make the effort to enter recipes and plan for a month. Now I LOVE IT! Awesome tool, allows for quick import of recipes in 3 different ways, changing the servings on the fly, I can write text or additional items needed into the planner. The shopping list is very easy to use on any mobile device and no iPhone app needed. Just a bookmark. With $5/month totally worth the time savings for me. It has a 30day trial to check it out and really work with the planner. It sure has lots of great features, including totaling the macro nutrients by day. It will allow me to move things around to make the nutrients fit my schedule even better. Now my meal planning became easier and will accommodate the CSA produce delivery even better.

I finally canceled the melatonin subscription on Amazon. Dont need that anymore! I am currently averaging 7 hours and 20 minutes of sleep for the last week. With the sleep under my belt I now will work on my daily fresh air, which I have been a little slacking. But also my new bike is ready and I can ride it to work. Though still a little chilly with around 36 degrees next week. Brrrrrrr.

Vitamin D is truely a happy vitamin. It makes me feel awesome. I have started tanning last week, only 2 minutes a session. My goal isnt to get tan, its to optimize the vita D in the body. It just has just so many inportant functions in the body.

Oh, I got this super cute swim suit and cant wait for summer to come. Though I can take it it for a test run when I see my sister and family the week after Easter in Florida.


20140322-191543.jpg 20140322-191529.jpg 20140322-191553.jpg 20140322-191603.jpg

Looks whats back. The sweet potato protein bars. I had a few too many, so I skipped dinner.

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