Slept for 8 hours and 33 minutes. Still cant believe it. I think spring fever is just around the corner. I always have some days in spring where I need some serious sleep. It cant be the pollen yet as it is still friggin cold and those piles of icy snow just dont want to melt. They still hang out in yards and parking lots. But the little birds are going nuts on my bird feeder loving the sunflower seeds. So many pretty and colorful ones. Its a delight to just watch them.

Still doing online church and loving it.

I had bought a pork loin cooked sous vide from the CSA co-op last week to make with some cabbage. They have attached a high quality restaurant, so the quality will always be superb. They sell some bakery, but have also ventured into some prepared meats. The pork loin is fantastic and for next week I orderd some Veal bolognese, which will go nicely with some spagetti squash.

20140323-183615.jpg 20140323-183634.jpg 20140323-183624.jpg 20140323-183714.jpg

Today’s food:

20140323-183634.jpg 20140323-183650.jpg 20140323-183656.jpg 20140323-183701.jpg 20140323-183722.jpg

I think I need to buckle down a little again. I am getting a little lax with the snacks. I did cut out the fruit from the dinner shake, but the banana just wrecked the carbs.

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