I am slowly outgrowing the sweet mushy stuff in the morning. While the Creamy Coconut Squash sounded and looked really good, it just doesn’t have enough protein to keep me full for a couple of hours, nor do I want to waste carbs on it. I rather have a salad with some eggs for breakfast.

Week 4 and I cant seem to get out of the sweet potato protein bars that I made to use up the 4 sweet potatoes I still had in the potato basket. But that’s easy to fix I pack them up for the guys (personal trainers) at the gym who love those bars too.

Initially I was irritated with myself about the 4 to 5 pound swing that seems to be going on. I am currently back up to 209. After TTOTM I seemed to have a hard time to stay away from the sweets for the last week. Not too bad, but 3 or 4 mini pieces here and there will certainly add up. Life is so much easier without those darn glucose insulin swings. So you kinda know what the problem is, but you look for your coach to come up with a new secret weapon aka quick fix to solve whatever you have gotten yourself into? And no you cant blame lack of sleep or stress on it. Yup, that was me. And if you have a no bullshit coach, she will tell you like it is. Love it! So I will suck it up and get over and out of that sugar dance.

I talked to a co-worker today who just marveled about the amount of weight I have lost over the last year. She said that I am now a totally different person. In an age where we want instant gratification possibly by yesterday, its sometimes just as important to step back and see how far we have come. And every little step will add up to something bigger.

Today’s meals

20140324-200918.jpg 20140324-200946.jpg 20140324-200925.jpg 20140324-200931.jpg

M1: Creamy Coconut Squash with 3 chicken breakfast links
M2: Sweet Potato Protein Bars
M3: Cabbage and Pork Loin
M4: Protein Ice Cream

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