I need some veggies!

I have been wrecking my brain trying to figure out why I cant seem to get back on track. Its only been a week, but I usually can hop back on it within a meal or two.And it just dawned on me that the diet mentality returned and its throwing me for a loop big time. I just want what I “cant” have. And no I am not talking beans or grains, I could care less. But chocolate and staying under 70g of carbs. Am I just not ready yet? Will I ever be ready? Or do I even want to be ready for that? What do I want? I want to eat well and feel good. I like the Paleo lifestyle and would prefer to omit the blood sugar spikes, but heck I love veggies and lots of them. And if I need a treat, I can have one without wrecking my perfect “attendance”.

Whats the lesson? Diets dont work, even if they dont seem like a diet. Its one thing that I dont eat something because I dont feel good after eating it, but its a total different ball game if something is restricted and I cant have it. So back to the basics and then some fine tuning as in minor tweaks down the road. Now I got the sleep down but have thrown everything else off balance. Dang it! Or its at least something. Just try your best and forget the rest. Nobody said its going to be easy.

Today’s foods: Not pictured beef sticks and almonds in the afternoon

20140325-193616.jpg 20140325-193622.jpg 20140325-193630.jpg 20140325-193639.jpg

This morning everything was snow covered again and pretty cold. The was not chance to riding my bike to work. This morning’s breakfast was really tasty, eggs with leeks and bacon crumbles.

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