Getting a grip on my sleep

When do you know you have a great coach? When they have the well-being of the client in mind, and dont push any agenda. I have noticed that with Georgie and now with Vanessa too. I just need my balance back and cutting carbs too low isn’t going to to it for me. I can already feel the self-imposed pressure lifting off and take away the urge for the sweets. Win!

I will be going back to Georgie to keep working on nailing the hunger mastery.

I realize that I did make some incredible strides with improving my sleep and I learning that going to fast to want to loose weight will cause a lot more struggle and being out of balance, then just inching my way towards that optimum weight. I think I will take the slow scenic route and I have all the time I need. And with some fun the journey will be enjoyable.

I really nailed the sleep this past week, with an average of 7 hours and 57 minutes.


Today’s foods is missing again some almonds and some mini chocolates which I had earlier in the day.

20140326-195102.jpg 20140326-195118.jpg 20140326-195127.jpg

Just doing my meal planning for the next week and are excited to have more veggies.

2 thoughts on “Getting a grip on my sleep

  1. When are you going to be ready to run? I am slow and steady now, hopefully half marathon ready again in less than 2 weeks. Looking forward to training with you! Also, not sure if you saw but I am taking a beginning swim class. It starts the April 8!

    1. Phew, oh the running. I am starting with the biking next week (Tuesdays and/or Thursdays) as weather permits. Both of my bikes are ready. Then walk (later run) over to the gym and go for a 30 minute swim. Mo, We, and Fr are weight bearing exercise days. Saturdays for a run? I am also going to start standup paddle boarding soon. Just trying to figure out the logistics and the equipment. Hope to catch up with you soon.

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