Meal Planning

I love how efficient I have been lately. Getting lots of things done in less time and with less effort.

Food is getting back to normal, I still had a “homemade” treat today, but will phase that out by end of the week. I skipped my exercise again today. I wanted to ride my bike to work, but it was only 35 degrees and raining/snowing. Yucky weather to ride a bike.

I am just reorganizing my virtual office at home aka Evernote which also plays into work where we are testing out to use an app called OneNote, which is very similar (not that good though). I love a paperless office at home, but still have lots of documentation printed at work, since I have to take notes and a good tool was lacking. The problem is that sometimes I cant remember where I put it, even so I have everything filed away neatly at work. I would love everything searchable at my fingertips.

If you never tried Evernote, its one of the coolest apps there is. I was one of the first users years ago and still love it. It just gets better by the week. I love organizing.

Todays meals:

20140327-200614.jpg 20140327-200627.jpg 20140327-200634.jpg 20140327-200641.jpg
M1: Omelet, radish and salad greens
M2: Cremini mushrooms, potato, and chicken breast
M3: Sweet Potato Protein Bar
M4: Protein Ice Cream

Meal plan for the week:

meal plan

Shopping should not take more than 15 minutes. This weekend will be busy. I have a bunch of meetups. I am looking forward to all of them but are most excited about the SUP (standup paddle boarding), where a store will demo some of the latest boards and wetsuits. Very exciting stuff!

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