Relaxed Sunday

I am thinking to add some CrossFit to my workouts, maybe twice a week. I have been a little lax in that department and hardly pushing myself except when I have my trainer workout. Never done CF, I will check it out tomorrow and if I like it they have a beginner class starting later this week.

I did chill today, didn’t go to the Paleo meetup today, just needed to recharge. Did some great cooking and are ready for a brand new week. Hopefully with some new fun in the making.

20140330-193329.jpg 20140330-193336.jpg 20140330-193351.jpg

Made a butterflied broiled chicken with Dijon red cabbage (lunches) and a turnip sausage casserole (breakfasts). Later in the week I have some leftover chicken to make chicken salad and some poached eggs in tomato sauce.

Meals were good, no exercise (rest day).  I cut my lunch a little to have some sweet potato protein bar. I cut out the BPC as the fattiness seemed to bother me a little.

20140330-193249.jpg 20140330-193258.jpg 20140330-193308.jpg 20140330-193315.jpg

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