Craving some carbs

The water is running for my Epsom Salt bath. We had another great Crossfit session.

Today’s workout:

30 minutes of swimming (to loosen up the muscles)

Crossfit Beginner Class

8 Minute AMRAP
8 Push Press (#35)
8 Wall Balls (#10)
4 Pull-ups (with the big black band)

I completed 6 rounds of those elements.

The normal WOD was box jumps, I am kinda afraid of those, but determined to get them down. I am so looking forward on getting the handstand down. In a year I will be able to do handstand pushups and handstand walks!
Today’s food

20140403-213009.jpg 20140403-213019.jpg 20140403-213027.jpg

I loaded up on carbs to let the body snap out of that “starvation” mode after the low carbing. By all means I still have about 50 pounds of fat to dispose of. I did not have any snacks today, but needed a small chocolate treat around 5pm. I can work on letting go of that.

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