New try: Apple Muffins

Here is yesterdays food prep, which I really enjoyed. I love experimenting with flavors.

20140407-192906.jpg 20140407-192921.jpg 20140407-192934.jpg

20140407-192944.jpg 20140407-192952.jpg 20140407-193005.jpg

Oh those Paleo German Pancakes with Apples aka Apple Muffins are a nice treat. One of those once in a while kinda things. I think I will take one of those batches to our next paleo meetup.

Today’s workout at Gold’s:

5×50 single-unders
5×10 box-jumps

Today’s meals:

20140407-193023.jpg 20140407-193034.jpg 20140407-193045.jpg

I am not a fan of those eggs that go in the oven too cook. They never come out right, since I like runny yolks. But the tomato dish was very tasty and filling. Shakshuka (Eggs Poached in Spicy Tomato Sauce) and I added some ground sausage to the mix. Yum!

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