The Urban Caveman Truck

This will be rather quick. Had my trainer Workout this morning, trying to work the parts of the body that weren’t already hurting and walked about 2 miles at lunch to enjoy the beautiful weather and get some Paleo eats at the Food Truck. I had accidentally packed 1 and 1/2 of my lunches this morning.


I was hungry all day and even woke up around 3am starving. It may take some time to get adjusted after those Crossfit sessions. The good thing is I am craving less sweets, and would prefer something more hearty. I need some backup food in the work freezer for sure for fast and convenient access. But then I only had 6:30 hours of sleep and was really tired today. I really dont like evening workouts. Cant wait to switch to mornings after the beginner class is done.

Today’s foods:

20140409-204720.jpg 20140409-204728.jpg 20140409-204805.jpg 20140409-204737.jpg

M1: Skirt steak with broccoli and butternut squash, M2: burger bowl from the Urban Caveman (sweet potato, grass-fed beef, with fried egg and bacon), M3: several (4) protein bars, M4: dinner protein shake.

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