Who is stealing my sleep?

Tonight is Crossfit and it will burn again.

This is awesome. Georgie just sent me an email reply: “Seems like your body is pretty adamant that if you’re expecting exercise it wants some carbohydrates in return. 😉 Or it’ll hold out  on sleep to convince you.” And she hit the nail on the head. On the days I get less then 7 hours of sleep I will be awake for 1+ hour and just cant sleep are also the days I exercise at higher intensity. Wow, that kinda boggles my mind. Proof – yesterday vs today.

20140410-181209.jpg 20140410-182008.jpg

Eating was clean, no snacks or treats. Hunger was bearable. I made a Bulletproof coffee this morning to see what happens today with my hunger, but then I also got a great 8 hours of sleep.

20140410-172803.jpg 20140410-172812.jpg 20140410-172819.jpg

I planned for the new week and found some new recipes I want to try. I am really working to get more fish into my diet.



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