Plantain pancakes and snacking

I noticed over the weekend my snacking was up and my suspicion is that those plantain pancakes might the be culprit. My body just doesn’t deal well with the sweet stuff.  Or maybe I will add some meat to it to stabilize my blood sugar. Need to experiment a little more.

This morning I didn’t have a ton of energy, so I took it easy and just did 3×5 box jumps, 3×50 single-unders, and 3×10 situps as a quick workout and then I got 4 minutes of tanning to get my happy vitamin (D).

Todays food:

20140414-203301.jpg 20140414-203310.jpg

20140414-203316.jpg 20140414-203324.jpg

Those coconut mini bars are great and I really like them. I just couldn’t stop after just one.

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