Trading Easter Bunny for some apples?

Had a great call with coach Georgie again. Discussed my want for only 3 meals but then I will snack in the afternoon on nuts, adding a couple hundred calories in no time. So my new strategy is to make the lunches a little bigger and adding some fat. In addition I will add some starchy carb to my breakfasts to up the carbs for the day. And no more snacking.

We had a good laugh about me wanting to prevent to eat fruit at all cost to not spike my blood sugar, but then eating a 500 calorie chocolate bunny (where I could have eaten 5 apples). Duhh sometimes I wonder about my logic. And no more treats in bigger batches. If I need to try one, it will be in single or double serve only to minimize the damage.

Workout: 30 minutes crossfit style with trainer


20140416-212439.jpg 20140416-212445.jpg

20140416-212451.jpg 20140416-212509.jpg

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