Crossfit Elements class completed

I am actually seeing muscle popping out and I am getting stronger. That’s kinda awesome. Today’s workout was as pictured above, but we didn’t really do the handstand pushups, we did the knees on the box and yes it still was hard enough. The best thing was that I mastered the 18″ box jumps without a problem. I just need to improve the technique a little and I might even like them pretty soon. I did the workout (3 rounds of 10 x hang power cleans, 10 x box jumps, 10 x assisted handstand pushups) in 5 minutes and 20 secs. Those workouts are just so freaking cool. And with a little competition  everything just flows better. Starting on Monday I will attend my first regular workout. My new schedule is

Mon, Wed, Fri:    Crossfit
Tue:                        Trainer workout
Thursdays:           Biking/swimming
Saturdays:           Fun day or rest
Sundays:              Yoga

On Tuesday I am flying out to Florida to see my sis, who is vacationing there from Germany. I will need to boost my imune system to not get sick. Usually I catch something on my flight back.

Tip from Georgie on eating, while we often dont have control over the kind of foods, the two rules are

1. Only eat when hungry.
2. Eat slow until satisfied.

I hope I can go to the grocery store and get some eggs, salads/veggies/fruit, and meat. I will have a little kichen, though I probably wont cook much. I rather go to the beach for a swim.

My workouts will be jump rope (need to learn the double-unders), burpees, pushups, situps, planks, “box”/stair jumps, swimming, lots of stretching and learning the handstand. And the best thing is, I only take a jump rope with me, no other equipment needed.

Food was good, no snacks, and the leftover lunch served as PWO snack after Crossfit.

20140417-215223.jpg 20140417-215231.jpg 20140417-215245.jpg

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