Unleaded or Premium?

I was off work today as the office was closed.  Twas a busy day running errands. Went to get my hair done, pedicure and manicure, and then I finally picked up my car from the auto shop. All was long overdue. I always disliked manicures as they dont even last a day for me until it starts to chip. So today the nail technician convinced me to try the gels, which are suppose to last 2 to 3 weeks. The verdict is still out but so far so good.

I had to make a smart choice on a lunch snack today and was tempted to get a roll with it. But then I asked myself how I feel after I eat rolls and other conventional baked goods and it took care of itself. Just eating to feel great. One thing is spinning around in my head. During my workout with my trainer last week  we were talking about nutrition and he said: You are not just casually exercising any longer, with doing Crossfit you become an athlete and need to nourish you body the right way.  I better remember this before making pancakes for breakfast the next time I feel like it. Sweet meals and me dont get along, nor do they nourish my body well.  But it makes sense to look at my meals to what kind of performance will they grant me. Unleaded or Premium?

20140418-192319.jpg 20140418-192326.jpg 20140418-192341.jpg 20140418-192353.jpg

I will be going tomorrow morning for my first “real” Crossfit workout. So excited!


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