Quick Trip to Paradise

Love it! How can you not love waking up to this when you step out of your room. Breakfast view of the ocean! Yesterday was lots of beach time with swimming, catching the waves, cartwheels in the sand, and sand fights with the kiddos, and pool time afterwards.

After only 4 hours of sleep on the travel day, I did catch up sleep a little with almost 10 hours for last night.

20140423-095156.jpg 20140423-092504.jpg

Eating was great. It just amazed me that at the Atlanta airport people would already eat pizzas, ice creams and cookies at 8am. I guess traveling is an excuse to eat more crap.

20140423-092340.jpg db2 db3

db1 20140423-092350.jpg 20140423-092453.jpg

Yesterdays food

20140423-095708.jpg lunch 20140423-092419.jpg 20140423-092440.jpg

Travel food
Even my sis and niece enjoyed lunch with some healthy foods.
Dinner at Outback



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