Back home

Travel days are serious sleep robbers. I only slept 4:45 hours last night. I have some catching up to do for sure.

This one was a cool pic, as I had the window seat in one of the exit rows on my way to Milwaukee.


I did a quick meal plan for the week during the flight and picked up the groceries on my way home from the airport.


Today’s meals:

20140425-200907.jpg 20140425-200917.jpg 20140425-200937.jpg 20140425-200948.jpg

Salad, egg omelet, roast beef
Starbucks coffee
Chicken brats and cauliflower
Protein ice cream

I was amazed how long I could go w/o food on a  travel day. I had my breakfast at 5:30am and then lunch was around 2:30pm. There was no snacking in-between. I only had water during the flights to not get dehydrated any more.

Overall I should have eaten quite a bit less over the last couple of days then I used up.  Lets see how my body will react.

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