Bullet Proof Coffee before my workout

I just cant eat before a workout, so I just had a BulletProof Coffee and it served the purpose.

Todays workout was fun, except for the “Suicides” sprint drills at the end. Did I ever mention that I hate running, but it looks like I wont get around it and will need to tackle it eventually. Otherwise I will be last most of the times since there arent too many newbees around.

3 Rounds
30 Seconds Jumping  Jacks
30 Seconds Air Squats
30 Seconds Mountain Climbers


Movement Review

With a partner, alternating rounds, 20 Minutes AMRAP
25 Feet Lunge Step (OH Lunge Walk 25/10)
5 Ball Slams (50#/35#)
10 Abmat Sit-ups
25 Feet Burpee Broad Jumps (with plate 25/10)

Finisher Metcon
“Suicides” Sprint Drills for 10 minutes

No modifications, we did 16 rounds.

Ok here is the latest on what I am kicking around. I really want to improve quickly for Crossfit and want to tighten things up a little nutritionally to drop some fat. I will be checking in with Georgie on the best strategy.  I really like lower carb/ higher fat approach but I am a little leery on having enough energy for my crossfit workouts and dont want those pretty extreme hunger spells from the last time I tried. But then I do have a concrete goal which will make me a lot more focused and determined.


20140319-202220.jpg 20140426-190939.jpg 20140426-190931.jpg 20140426-190949.jpg

07am Bullet Proof Coffee
10am Chicken sausage with cauliflower and butter
01pm Crepe made from egg whites, phsyllium husk, almond milk with almond butter, a plum, and sprinkles of coconut flakes and mini choc chips
06pm Protein Ice Cream


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