Ebb and Flow

Whenever I think I nailed it and can move on to the next level, boom and its back to the drawing board. The lack of sleep is getting to me and causing me to dig into my co-workers sweets drawer. Well he doesn’t mind, but I do. I am in the process of switching to getting up earlier, a lot earlier now getting up at 5am instead of 6:30/7am to get to Crossfit. It may just take some time adjusting to getting to bed earlier. But it doesn’t mean it makes it OK to grab some chocolates from the drawer.

Tomorrow is Crossfit and on Thursday I will be going into the pool to practice some walking handstands. The pool actually can always be a good alternative if I need to skip a CF workout due to soreness. I got my new googles and nose-piece which will make it easier to do the underwater handstand, and whatever else I feel like.

20140429-190349.jpg 20140429-190402.jpg 20140317-204723.jpg 20140429-190408.jpg 20140429-190956.jpg


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