3 meals a day

Gosh those are short evenings when you need to be in bed by 9pm in order to get at least 7 hours of sleep and be up by 5am (Mon, Wed, and Fri). Today I got my 8 hours and it felt great again. I think I have a little spring fever which makes me a little more tired.

No soreness from yesterdays CF workout – YES! I think I will keep the PWO shakes to my heavy-duty CF workouts.

The new nose clip did not work, so I couldn’t do any underwater handstands since I dont really want to screw up my sinuses w/o it. I will need to get  a diving mask, which I used in Florida. So I just swam a bunch of laps.

I am still working on getting consistency with my 3 meals/day. Sometimes I snack because I am tired or stressed. While I strive for balance in my meals once in a while I will eat something that isn’t so great, nutritionally or it does not make me feel so good. I am getting better with that, but  I also was reminded by my coach Georgie that it is ok, right now we are just working on 3 meals with eating when I am hungry. Sometimes when you try to tackle too many habits at once things may go south fast.

20140501-190833.jpg 20140501-190840.jpg 20140501-190847.jpg

M1: Shakshuka with eggs and sausage
M2: Cod on daikon and carrot noodles
M3: Protein Ice Cream

For next week I am planning skirt steak with broccoli, pulled pork with peanut cabbage, and sweet potato salad with salmon. I got my co-workers all exited about the prospect of experimenting to make some beef jerky. Need to get some brisket for that and aren’t sure yet if I should use my dehydrator or just simply the oven to dry it.

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