Just not enough sleep!

I only got 6:30 hours in last night. Its hard to adjust to that early sleep time. End result was me digging into the nuts and I was fully aware of it. I just felt like I needed energy since I was so incredibly tired.

The workout was great, I was trembling by the time we got done from those pullups, even so I used the black band.  And even the warm-up felt like a workout already, with bearcrawls, inchworms and some other goofy stuff. Oh and the typical 400m run around the block.

Strength Part:  Deadlifts and Chin-ups (3 X max)

Metcon for Time:
3 rounds  of 15-10-5 reps
Power Cleans and Burpee Pull-ups (Chest-to-bar for RX+).  I had to split the burpees and the pullups and do them separate due to the assistance with the band, it would just take too long.

Time-wise I was the first girl to finish, but since I still had the lightest weight during the power cleans I always feel like I cheat.

I need to work on my PWO meal, I cannot do two shakes per day, or they will come out my ears pretty soon. I need something portable. Too bad oatmeal and I dont get along otherwise I could make some oatmeal protein bars, but since I feel like crap afterwards I wont even attempt that. If I would move my shake to the morning then I need something sweet after dinner. Hmmm, maybe some sweet potato pancakes or protein  pancakes or some kind of wrap. That shake that I got at Golds this morning was the hammer, going down with over 600 calories in a sitting. Yikes!

20140502-210738.jpg 20140502-210747.jpg 20140502-210753.jpg 20140502-210804.jpg 20140502-210812.jpg

Got some groceries, with lots of green stuff for the coming week. I still had some meats in the freezer, and I am getting flooded with chicken and duck eggs from my co-worker.


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