Saturday WOD

I opted for breakfast at 7am to be able to workout at 9am. I made some pancakes as PWO meal after my CrossFit workout and as always they are killer partner workouts on Saturdays. We made it to 27 rounds of pullups, kb swings, and front squats in 20 minutes. I have to say my taste is changing. What I once loved is now just a so-so meal. Pancakes dont seem to make the cut any longer it seems, even so it was made with 3 egg whites, protein powder, coconut flour and an apple.

I did a little more thinking about the PWO meals vs just having a solid breakfast with added carbs during the week. I think I favor the solid breakfast, I just dont like snacks. I would still get my PWO fuel in within an hour to 90 minutes after my workout and its only critical on my Crossfit days.

I need to get a normal foam roller, since I really dislike that travel roller that I bought at the beginning of LE and never used, for home and then at least roll twice a day. I have never done so much foam rolling like in the last couple of weeks. But for sure I can feel a difference.

This afternoon I am off to see some friends for a Kentucky Derby party.  Oh fun!

20140503-140710.jpg 20140503-140716.jpg 20140503-140722.jpg

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