Getting sick

I felt like crap starting last night. When the alarm went of at 5am this morning I had only slept 5 hours, for sure not enough. So I had to skip Crossfit again, sleep is certainly the holy grail!  When I woke up at 7:30am I had fortunately gotten more sleep but I was still exhausted. So I called in to work for a vacation day since it was clearly my fault that I felt so bad. My guess is, its payback time from I went to the Kentucky Derby Party Saturday evening and had gluten-laden foods and some alcohol. So there is my lesson!

I got my test results back today and everything vastly improved due to the weight loss. The only concern my doc has is my slightly higher cholesterol, the only value that went up. Well the HDL skyrocketed too, but thats a good thing. Though I am not worried about that, but will work on optimizing the fat intake. Blood pressure was 104/66 from 114/76. Glucose went from 99 to 94, still a little high for my taste, the 80s would be good.



New find at Trader Joes. I could do w/o the added vitamin, but there is not much else in there.


Since I was sick, what better way to reduce my portions as I wasnt as hungry anyways. I probably shaved of at least 400 calories. But then I also did not exercise today.

20140505-183033.jpg 20140505-183039.jpg 20140505-183047.jpg
2 chicken sausages, 1 egg, Caribbean sweet potato salad with 1 tomatillo
Broccoli, steak, butternut squash
Protein ice cream

Just for my dinner shake I shaved of 180 calories w/o really decreasing the volume.

protein shake

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