Manicures that last 3 weeks!

I dropped another pound this morning. I like the sound of that.  I got another manicure of the gel kind this evening and I totally love it. No chipping and it stays shiny. My first one lasted 3 weeks.


I had another health check today, one of those company sponsored ones. Though I question how accurate that one really is. Blood was taken via finger. But I love to see the comparison, but would deem today’s useless what the cholesterol concerns. I loved how this nurse tried to convince me to eat according to the government guidelines, being highly overweight herself.  I bit my tongue, but was tempted to ask her how well that is working for her.


Dinner was small as I came home pretty late and did not wanted to eat too much.

20140513-202026.jpg 20140513-202035.jpg 20140513-202043.jpg

B: Zucchini spaghetti and tomato sauce with ground turkey
L: Salad with chicken and mozzarella
D: Coconut milk with protein powder and fresh strawberries

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