Lakefront Walk

Food was ok today, had my first meal around 12:30pm after the walk. Just wasn’t hungry earlier.

20140524-203614-74174780.jpg 20140524-203617-74177574.jpg 20140524-203620-74180919.jpg

One of the guys who I am going to go paddle boarding with, fell into the water today since the lake was very choppy. He had been paddle boarding for over 5 years and just returned from a paddle boarding race where he took 2nd place. So he is really experienced and  usually doesn’t fall into the water. So if we go tomorrow, just wish me luck that I dont fall into the 44 degree lake too often. I got the only wetsuit they had at REI. Living by what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I got enough activity in for today. I was testing out a new app called RunKeeper to keep track of my walking/biking/running/hiking.

20140524-203616-74176144.jpg 20140524-205804-75484000.jpg

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