SUPing on Lake Michigan

Oh that was so much fun. I think I will get the hang of it pretty soon. I fell about 5 times into the water during the 2 hours on the water, but it wasn’t too bad. There were even folks on the beach ready for a swim. Crazy though at 55 degrees water temp. The weather was so gorgeous. Just a perfect day. I cant wait to do it again.

20140525-161223-58343831.jpg 20140525-161220-58340808.jpg 20140525-161222-58342273.jpg 20140525-161223-58343450.jpg

2 thoughts on “SUPing on Lake Michigan

  1. Its really awesome. Maybe this summer you guys can try it. Do you have water around you? It was a good idea to start on an empty shallow beach. Makes it easy to get back up on the board.

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