Simlifying meals

I haven’t seen my mom in over 6 years, well we Skype every Saturday and Sunday but it sure isn’t the same. Vacation was always tight with only two weeks and I wanted to do some mission work in the last couple of years. But I realize that time is just flying and we all get older. I am looking forward to hanging out with my family. Everyone is already so exited, I am booking my flight on Wednesday for two weeks in July. I will let my mom decide what she wants to do. Its her time! I will be patient and just enjoy in whatever we do. My camera will for sure get a workout.

I sent my mom a picture of me on the paddle board and she said wow you are becoming an athlete with all the things you do. I thought that was funny. But it made me think how glad I am that I have lost 60 pounds, otherwise I would have never attempted paddle boarding. Just getting up on the board would have been a huge challenge, then balancing impossible.

I started a tracker to keep track of my sleep, exercise, habit, adventures, and weight. I am also working on simplifying my meals for the summer as there is just so much fun stuff to do and I dont want to be in the kitchen for too long, like salads with grilled meats. Though I want to try making a “cooking” video just for kicks and learn some new skills.

This week the farmers market starts and it is right in front of the building where I work. I suspect there will be slim pickings for the first couple of weeks, but at least its a start.

20140526-185720-68240570.jpg 20140526-185721-68241705.jpg 20140526-185722-68242939.jpg 20140526-200607-72367593.jpg

The sweet potato meal was very tasty, that recipe will go for sure into my faves.

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