Getting out of the mud

I wasn’t on track with either food or exercise nor did I take food pics, but I am getting a clearer idea on what my problem is. I need some rest or just a timeout of all that busyness once in a while. I am too much on the go and its totally self-inflicted.

Also acknowledging that the ebb and flow are a normal part of life (thanks Tina for that reminder back, funny how we just forget) and they will return every so often. In the end they will make us stronger and add some tools to that toolbox.

This morning I was up at 5am then I looked at the WOD and that was just too much and skipped it. Its hard to get back into it when you know how strenuous those workouts are. Just went for a walk over lunch time. My goal just one Crossfit workout this week.

Yesterday I had sourdough bread for the first time in a long while and I promptly got acid reflux and a stomachache during the night and slept like crap. That’ll teach me! Food wise my goal is to get off sugary office treats and just eat my own protein treats until I can phase them out again.

My Jawbone now failed again, for the 4th time. But I still like it and the customer service is great so I ordered another one since it is my sleep accountability buddy.

There are so many fun photography meetup events coming up. One is this Saturday, unfortunately it falls on the SUP (standup paddle boarding) meetup and I promised to be there. That one is starting out in the Milwaukee Art Museum on Saturday and will end on the 100th floor of the John Hancock building overlooking Chicago. Just WOW!


Oh well, I just need to experiment more with my camera and the lakefront including the Art Museum are fantastic for pics. Anyone needs a photo challenge? I like this one: Silhouette Photography and will be working on it for the month of June.

I need some short-term goals again. The air was out a little, now its time to pick myself up again.

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