Protein Cheesecake?

Thanks to TTOTM I am getting only slowly back out of the white and sugar carbs. But I bought lots of good stuff this morning for making Shakshuka and steaks on the grill for the week.


I was spoiled going paddle boarding with Karl the last two times. Today I was the only one with an inflatable and they rushed me to get the board ready, so I only got it up to 11 psi which isnt enough to stand up comfortable on it, so I had to paddle for about 2 hours on my knees. It was still a great workout, but I would have liked to practice the standing part. I tried out one of the BIG paddle boards that one gal just had purchased. They are super stable to stand on for a long time, but they are a pain to transport, pretty heavy, and difficult to navigate it seems. So I am torn on getting an inflatable one for the portability, or just start out with a real board. I like the idea to have the inflatable in my car and just go for a quick paddle after work when I feel like it and the weather permits.

20140607-201224-72744497.jpg 20140607-205609-75369617.jpg 20140607-201230-72750505.jpg 20140607-201231-72751762.jpg 20140607-201228-72748466.jpg

Food pics are back. I need those to clean-up my intake again. Oh but the cheesecake didn’t make it for its appearance. It was gone before I had the chance for a pic. I need to divert my sweet tooth to at least treats where I can stop after one or two. ProteinPow comes to mind. Maybe I should do another one of those cheesecakes.



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