Strawberry mousse with coconut cream

Was too windy for paddle boarding today. Decided to take it easy. But now I have all the gear in the car in case the weather permits for a little evening paddle.

Just found another cool thing to try out as part of a meetup. A “Sunday Morning Breakfast Flight”, well I think I could care less about the breakfast, but taking pictures out from a small airplane would sure be fantastic.

I noticed something odd, that I haven’t been sore from the CF workouts yet. So maybe once in a while its good to take a week or two off to let the body rest and heal?

Went to church this morning and then chores around the house, and food prep later. Those squirrels are sure something else. I had planted a little garden for my tenants, and the squirrels started digging like mad and ripped out the plants. So I cut and put down some chicken wire, for sure no more digging in my yard. I am still playing with the thought of trapping them and deporting them to a park a couple of miles away.  Any other ideas?

20140608-182137-66097620.jpg 20140608-182144-66104086.jpg 20140608-182139-66099658.jpg 20140608-182140-66100822.jpg 20140608-182142-66102191.jpg

M1: Omelet with mango,
M2: Smores,
M3: Steak, green beans, potato,
M4: Strawberry mousse with coconut cream,
M5: Greek salad

Today I only had one slip-up. Found that darn Smores pack at Menard’s. I made some strawberry mousse with coconut cream, was super easy and pretty good. I could even imagine I could make a jello out some unsweetened fruit tea, maybe adding some berries and then some coconut cream.

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